Hear the Difference

About Us

Our Company History

SUSAN ROGAN HEARING was opened in September of 1993 at 319 West Ogden Avenue in Westmont, Illinois.

The facility was designed and built by the owners and opened for business on September 20th, 1993. In keeping with the "hear the difference" theme, technology was the key to our design. Networked computers were initially installed with a definite eye to the future.

Hearing aid fittings and adjustments are far more customer-friendly when performed by a highly technical computer rather than a simple screwdriver, as had been the norm. This decision alone was the concrete that paved the road to our success.

Giving our patients the technological advances these computers made available, along with competent, friendly service has been the cornerstone of our practice. Even today, you'll experience the same degree of technological advances as you did in 1993. Our reputation and your trust depend on it.